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All of us can use some extra money in our pockets, and we also want to conserve and protect our natural environment. And, we dream of the perfect home...with beautiful, functional spaces where we can live, and fully enjoy our families, friends, and our time at home. At Braselton Homes, we have created a home that accomplishes these 3 seemingly divergent goals. We call these homes BraseltonBuilt Eco-Homes, a new type of living experience that only Braselton builds.

Created to be the most Energy Efficient home in South Texas, the Eco-Home is the Next Generation of GreenBuilt Homes, in the Corpus Christi Bay Area. Building upon the success of the First Generation Eco-Home, Braselton Homes went back to the "Drawing Board" and worked, for months, to create an even more Energy Efficient, Green, Comfortable and Healthy Home.


A BraseltonBuilt Eco-Home is earth-friendly, healthy and energy efficient. Its building materials - insulation, cabinets, paints, doors, carpets ,etc. are made from recycled or recyclable products. And,  standard in every Eco-Home are Upgraded Energy Saving features, such as radiant barrier decking, a 15 S.E.E.R. Heat Pump Air Conditioning System, double-paned low-e windows, advanced CFL light bulbs, a PEX manifold plumbing system, and beautiful water-conserving xeriscape landscaping. To keep your home running even more efficiently with the latest in Green technology, we offer other advanced energy efficient options, such as tankless water heaters, rainwater harvesting systems, solar panels and Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation.

Natural Flooring

Natural Granite and Wood Flooring

CFL Bulbs

CFL Lighting

Fresh Air Exchange

Fresh Air Intake & Tankless Water Heater

Solar Panel- Bart's House

Solar Panels

Demilec- Open Cell Foam Spray 

 Open Cell Spray Foam

Radiant Barrier 

Radiant Barrier Decking


A new BraseltonBuilt Eco-Home means lower monthly bills. Built to exceed current building code guidelines means that your New Eco-Home requires less energy and water to operate, thus saving you money each month. So, if you were considering buying a seemingly lower-priced Used Home, typically, you will find that when you factor in with the monthly utility savings, and less expensive insurance premiums required of an Eco-Home, your monthly cost of living in an Eco-Home is likely less than that of the Used Home. In fact, an Eco-Home is so efficient; we can actually GUARANTEE your Air Conditioning and Heating bills! 

H.E.R.S. = MPG for your home

The Home Energy Rating System, or simply HERS, is the National scoring system used to measure a home's energy use, and efficiency. HERS was created by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), an organization itself founded by the National Association of State Energy Officials, in 1995. The HERS score is based on a sliding scale of 0 to 100, with a 100 representing the score a home would be given if it were built to the Energy Code, and a score of 0 being rewarded to a home that makes as much energy as it uses. (A Net-Zero Home) - so, as you can see, the lower the HERS score, the more energy efficient the home.

 Braselton Dash Font (Braselton_performance Braselton Performance Dashboard (Braselton_Performance

Braselton Eco-Homes average a HERS Score of 70 which is much lower than even Energy Star 3.0 requires. Compare that to a 10 year old USED Home, which typically scores in the 150's, or a Typical Builders new home, that may score a 100.

 low performance font (low_performance

Low Performance Dashboard (low_performance

As you can see, an Eco-Home is at least twice as energy efficient as a typical Used Home, indicating that an Eco-Home can cut your energy bills by up to 50%,...or more. Even when compared with another New Home, a BraseltonBuilt Eco-Home can lower your bills by 30%!

 Avg performance font (avg_performance

Average Performance Dashboard (avg_performance

At Braselton, we continue to strive for even greater efficiency and savings.  One Braselton Eco-Home even rated a 46, making it one of the most energy efficient homes in the Corpus Christi Area.


 Print this and compare the homes you are looking at to a BraseltonBuilt Eco-Home.

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