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Today, you hear the term "Green" so often that it's meaning seems to get lost. So, why then, should you want to build a "Green" home? What does it mean?

Well, it's nice to build a home that uses our natural resources more efficiently, having less of an impact on our environment. And, it's good to construct a more sustainable home that requires less maintenance and is more durable. And, it's great to have a home that is computer modeled, fully engineered and performance tested, which also has healthier indoor air quality.

But, the best reason to build a "Green" home is .... to $ave some Green! $$$$

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That's right; "Green" homes save you money.  A lot of money.  Like 50% off your utilities each month! And, that's why we created the Eco-Home.

All Braselton Homes, regardless of price, are certified “Green” by the Coastal Bend GreenBuilt Initiative (CBGB), an affiliate of the US Green Building Council (the country’s oldest Green building organization). In fact, each Braselton Eco-Home achieves a CBGB Gold level certification. And while the costs to build a “Green” and Energy Efficient Eco-Home may be a little higher than that of a standard home (1-2%), the savings are much, much higher. (50%) And, since you will probably have a 30 year mortgage, and live in your home a long time, why not save money each and every month?

Each BraseltonBuilt Eco-Home is 4 Star Certified:

  • H.E.R.S Rated

             - Braselton Homes HERS scores range from 30 - 69, indicating our homes are up to 70% more by                 efficient than code, making us the most energy efficient New Home builder in Corpus Christi.

  • TDI Rated and Certified

            - BraseltonBuilt Homes are Wind Certified by the Texas Department of Insurance which save up                       to 40% off of insurance costs.

  • Coastal Bend GreenBuilt (CBGB) Gold Level Inspected and Certified

           - Braselton was a founding member of the CBGB, and the builder of the most CBGB Homes in the              Corpus Christi Area.

  • Environments For Living (EFL) Gold Certified

            - Gold Level Certification status from the Environments For Living (EFL) Green Program




Our Dual-Fuel Partnership Compliant Eco-Homes are powered by natural gas, as well as electricity, in the city of Corpus Christi through our partnership with the Natural Gas Department and AEP.

A Coastal Bend GreenBuilt engineered and tested Eco-Home, from Braselton Homes cost less to maintain, and is more durable, and therefore it lasts longer than other homes. And, because of the Green and Energy Efficient components of our exclusive BraseltonBuilt programs, your home will perform better, thereby lowering your monthly utility costs. In fact, we are so sure of the Energy Efficiency of our Eco-Homes, that we will guarantee the home's air-conditioning bills for 3 years.

And, because of the rigorous standards each Eco-Home is built to, you can now actually purchase a more expensive home than you qualify for...if it's a Braselton Eco-Home. That's using an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM), the energy savings of your Eco-Home may be used to assist you in qualifying for a larger, more well-appointed home. For more information,  click here, to see if you qualify for an EEM.

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Using our Eco-Home checklist, compare an Eco-Home to any other home you tour. Ask the other home builders, or realtors, what energy efficient technologies are in their home relative to ours!

Download Our Eco-Homes Checklist!

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- ¾ of all the single-family homes in the United States were built since 1980, and they consume 80% of all the residential energy used.

- Up to 20% of all the electricity generated in the United States is wasted, because people leave the lights on, etc.

- 41% of all CO2 emissions come from generating electricity.

- Having Radiant Barrier Roof Decking in your attic is like putting your home in the shade of a giant umbrella; it blocks up to 97% of the radiant heat from getting into your attic, and can, therefore, save you almost 20% on your energy bills.

- An ENERGYSTAR Washing Machine can cut energy costs by 33%,... and water usage by 50%


- Natural Gas water heaters produce less than ½ the CO2 emissions of other types of water heaters.

- Natural Gas appliances can cut your homes heating and water heating bills by up to 50%.

- A Natural Gas Powered “Dual-Fuel” home has a 50% smaller carbon footprint than a typical electric powered home.

- Up to 73% of the electricity generated to power a typical home is lost in the transmission of the power to your home; Natural Gas, however, is up to 91% efficient in its use.

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