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Braselton Launches New Home Layaway Plan

Low down payment, low interest rates, matching funds, no closing costs make new homes attainable – even if buyer’s credit needs improvement.



You’re Having Trouble Qualifying for a New Home Mortgage



  • We help you to get qualified for a mortgage
  • You build up a down payment, and your credit!
  • You select you home
  • Braselton matches your closing costs
  • You move in!


We’ve teamed up with a local and national bank, a consumer credit counseling service, and the Federal Housing Administration to develop a program that will help you put together a low down payment, get credit qualified, and move you into a new Braselton Eco-Home in just a few months. That's just a few months you could be living in a home of your own, building your equity and credit rating.

Now it's your turn to start getting life back on track with a little help from the home building professionals at Braselton Homes.

We, along with several partners, have created the Braselton New Home Layaway Plan for those who want to buy a new home, but may have had some trouble qualifying because of credit challenges.

The Plan

We have plenty of mortgage money to lend through our local bank financial partners. However, with credit standards tightening up, a lot of good people are finding that qualifying for a mortgage loan is more difficult than at any time in the past 25 years. So here’s the solution we and our partners are offering: 

• If you want to buy a new home, but your credit needs a quick fix, just come into any of our sales offices and talk to our professionals about qualifying for the Braselton   

   New Home Layaway Program.

• We will run a FREE credit score check to see how much improvement your score needs and to determine a plan, along with the amount of time required to help you meet bank credit standards.

• Following our discussion on how you can qualify, we will show you a group of homes that fits your needs and qualifications.

• Your family and you choose the type of home you want from our large selection of plans.

• How much down payment will you need? All FHA guaranteed loans require a minimum down payment of 3.5% of the selling price of the home. That means that on one of

   our moderate priced homes you will require about $4,600 as a down payment...the higher the price, the larger the down payment. That may sound like a lot of money, but we have a way of handling that. Just continue reading.


To join the Braselton Layaway Plan, fill out your name and contact information below then click submit!

You could be meeting with our sales and mortgage professionals tomorrow!


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© Braselton Homes 2009-2012.
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