Citizens in Support of Corpus Christi Police Department

Ever wondered how to give back to the police officers who keep you safe? Now, with the Citizens in Support of the Corpus Christi Police Department, you can! All donations are tax deductible Click here to see all the things your generous gift can do for our police officers.  



Neighborhood Watch

Braselton Homes works with the city police department and private security to stop crime, but there's nothing like the neighbors getting together to keep the bad guys out. Click here for more information and let us know if we can help.




Join in with Braselton Homes, and stop crime in your neighborhood. Click here for more details.


CorpusLogo.jpgPride Corpus Christi

Join in the Mayor's effort to build pride in our city! Your Braselton Neighborhood can be the cleanest and nicest neighborhood in town. A great way to partner with with your neighbors. Click here for more information.



Bay Area Smart Growth Initiative

Braselton Homes is a proud member of the Bay Area Smart Growth Initiative, a local group of environmentalists, concerned citizens, developers and builders who are working to create a better, greener and more sustainable future. For more information, contact Carolyn Moon at

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© Braselton Homes 2009-2012.
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