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We Stand by Our Homes!

Braselton Homes provides the best new home warranties in the Corpus Christi Area, as well as the only dedicated Warranty Staff...Your Peace of Mind is important to us.

 Click on the link below to submit your warrantable concerns. Please, refer to your Homeowner Orientation paperwork for your username & temporary password.

A representative of the Warranty Department will be in touch with you soon, (which can be as long as 72 hours, especially if you submitted on a Friday), via email, to schedule a Warranty Appointment. Inspections are are generally available Monday - Wednesday from 1-4 pm. Warranty service appointments are generally available Monday - Wednesday with a start time of 9 a.m. Refer to Sections 10.3 and 10.4 in the Homeowners Manual for additional information and guidance.

NOTE: Please be sure to complete all sections of this form. Please do not submit more than one copy of this form, as doing this will not expedite the warranty process. Braselton Homes processes only one 30 Day List and one 11 month list per Homeowner in the warranty year.

For your convenience, and to ensure that all your warrantable items are included on your 30 Day List, you may submit your 30 Day List up to 90 days after your closing date.

To obtain optimum use of your second and final Warranty Service Request or 11 month list, we suggest it be submitted on the 11th month after your closing date.



If you experience any issues with the link, please email us at

With the exception of the five (5) defined emergencies (Sec. 10.3 of the Homeowners Manual), all requests for service must be in writing. 

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Our Warranty - Your Peace of Mind

What happens after the sale is as important to Braselton Homes as the sale itself. In light of this, Braselton Homes has created an extensive and detailed Homeowner Warranty System.

Braselton Homes Warranties

We provide...

  • A 10 year major Structural Warranty

  • A One Year Written Builders Warranty

  • A Two Year Limited Builders Warranty

  • Structural Systems Warranties

  • Pass Through Appliance Warranties


Braselton Homes Warranty System

Our System Features...

  • A Homeowners Manual featuring our exclusive written Builders Warranty

  • Over 50 Quality Control Checklists and 20 Third Party Inspections

  • A full Quality Control Staff

  • A Homeowner Orientation Meeting

  • A Dedicated Warranty Staff


The Process

The Braselton Homes Warranty System is very unique and interconnected, and it has several key, exclusive features. At contract, each Braselton customer is provided a Homeowners Manual, which outlines the purchasing, financing and, building processes involved in New Home construction. (If you get an Owner’s Manual with your new car, shouldn’t you also get one with your new home?) The Braselton Homeowners manual is full of useful and important information; for instance, Chapter 10 details, in writing, the Braselton Homes One Year limited warranty, and Chapter 9 is full of important home maintenance tips and logs.

Our Quality Control System is the key to our ability to provide you a high-quality home, with a strong warranty. Throughout the building process, and at key points of construction, Engineers, Municipal Inspectors, and Certified Energy Raters conduct inspections in your Braselton Home. In total, over 20 such third party inspections occur, beyond the job-site checks conducted by Braselton personnel. Additionally, at each major stage of construction, a Quality Control checklist must be utilized to verify that the proper construction methods have been followed. This adds up to over 50 Quality Control checklists utilized during the full construction process. Our Quality Control process then culminates with a Braselton Homes Quality Control Staff Inspection of your home. Numerous “Q.C.” staffers review your home, checking each component of your home, using our detailed Braselton Built 25 page Punchlist.

One week after the Quality Control Staff home inspection, and one week before the scheduled "Closing date of your home", we invite you to a Homeowner Orientation. At this Orientation, we tour your completed home, showing you the home, and how the home's systems work. Additionally, we ask you to compile a "Punchlist", or a list of concerns you see in the home, that you would like addressed prior to "Closing". For the 7 days after the orientation, the Braselton Homes construction staff work to complete the "Punchlist", so that you can go to "Closing" with the satisfaction of knowing that your home is complete, finished, and ready to move into.

And, after closing, the Braselton Homes Warranty Staff is prepared to respond to your Warrantable Concerns. We are proud of the fact that we take care of more than 75% of our customers warranty concerns in only one visit; we know that your time is as valuable as ours.


The Result

Our detailed Quality Control and Warranty Systems have had a great side effect...Happy Customers! Our Customers satisfaction rate at "Closing" exceeds 95%, and over 95% of our customers would recommend Braselton Homes to their family and friends.