In 2008, Braselton Homes was ranked #157 out of 40,000 by the National Association of Home Builders. In 2009, Braselton was again ranked in the top 200 builders, this time at #164.

Why Choose Braselton Homes vs Other Home Builders?

1. Real People Offering Real Help

- At Braselton, you always have someone to call, or email. During construction, your professional Braselton Homes sales counselor is there for you. And, after closing, the Braselton Homes Warranty Department, at the main office, can assist you with your warranty needs.


2. Clear, Detailed Warranties

- Braselton Homes provides a written one and two year Builder’s Warranty, multiple appliance warranties, as well as a 10 year Major Structural Warranty.


3. Comprehensive Homeowner’s Manual

- Braselton Homes was the first builder in the Bay Area to provide each homebuyer with an owner’s manual. Our manual outlines the homebuilding process, from contract, thru financing and construction, to closing and thru your home’s warranty period. The Homeowners Manual includes our written Builders Warranty, as well as, helpful home maintenance tips.


4. Highest Level Building Standards

- Braselton Homes fully outlines the construction standards we build to, in chapters 9 and 10 of your Homeowners Manual. Our standards are nationally accepted, and were adopted as the Residential Construction Standards of the State of Texas, under the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC).


5. Multi-Level Construction Inspection Process

- Braselton Homes, in addition, to the required municipal inspections, utilizes over 50 Quality Control Inspection Checklists, to construct your home. No one gets paid till their work is completed, and reviewed.

- We also have an independent engineer design and review the construction of your home, for compliance to Windstorm Construction Standards. And, we have multiple Energy Efficiency Inspectors check your home during the construction process.

- Additionally, we have construction superintendents on-site, as well as a Vice President of Construction reviewing the superintendents’ work. And, of course, two generations of Braselton’s are in your home, making sure it’s up to the standards set, over 60 years ago.


6.  A 65-Year Tradition of Excellence

- Guy Braselton was a card-carrying union carpenter, who started building in the 1930s; 3 generations of Braselton’s have been building in Corpus Christi since 1945.


7. A 95% Customer Satisfactory Rate

- At closing, Braselton Homes has a satisfaction rate of better then 95%, and even after the warranty period, we still maintain better than 9 out of 10 of our customers satisfied.


8. Exclusive Builder of Eco-Homes

- Only Braselton Homes builds Eco-Homes™; they are the most Energy Efficient homes in South Texas.


9. Our H.E.R.S. Standards Exceed International Energy Codes

- Other builders may not even know what H.E.R.S. Ratings are. A Home Energy Efficiency Rating System (HERS) is the nationally accepted system of rating a home's energy efficiency, and,… like a golf score, the lower the rating the better. An energy efficient home built to the International Energy Code 2006 rates a 100; a home built to the US Government Energy Star Standards rates an 85, or 15% more efficient than code. Each BraseltonBuilt Eco-Home™, however, exceeds the Energy Star rating by at least 25%, with most homes coming in at a H.E.R.S. rating of 79, or below. 

10. Guaranteed Air Conditioning and Heating Bill

- Ask for this kind of guarantee anywhere else and you'll hear nothing but laughter. But at Braselton Homes, we don't think high air conditioning and heating bills are a laughing matter. In our E.F.L. Eco-Homes, we guarantee the A/C and heating bills for the first 3 years you live in your Braselton Eco-Home™.


Need A Few More Reasons?

  • Fred Braselton was voted as Builder of the Year by the Local Builders Association for 2008.
  • Braselton Homes is a founding member of the Coastal Bend Green Built Initiative.
  • Braselton Homes was featured in Texas Builder Magazine.
  • Braselton Homes received Home of Texas Award of Distinction (for exemplary building practices & superior customer service).


In 1995, the Corpus Christi Caller Times created the city’s “Best of the Best” Award; these awards, are given in various categories, based upon the votes of the citizens of Corpus Christi. In each year since the awards inception, Braselton Homes has been recognized as one of the city's best builders.

Additionally, in 2004, when the Best Interior Decorator category was added, Braselton Homes exclusive decorator, Interiors by Braselton, secured the award, and each year the Builder’s Association offered its “New Home of the Year” Award, Braselton Homes was privileged to be chosen as its recipient.

Only a select few, high quality reputable builders earn the prestigious Keystone Award which is presented by Home of Texas (HOME). Home of Texas (HOME) is the nation's premier home warranty provider. This award is presented to only the builders that have reached an outstanding level of competence in the home building industry. These are builders that have also demonstrated superiority in ethics and financial stability to better serve their customers. Some of the factors that govern this award are overall customer satisfaction, use of quality materials, longevity and overall attention to detail.


Our Supported Charities


  • Food Bank of Corpus Christi
  • Toys for Tots
  • American Heart Association
  • Sea City Work Camp
  • Laity Lodge Youth Camp
  • Yorktown Baptist Church
  • Bay Area Fellowship
  • American Cancer Society
  • Bayfest
  • Metro Ministries
  • Little League
  • Young Life
  • World Vision
  • Austin New Church
  • Blake Ministries
  • USO
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • CCISD Education Fund Association
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Our Memberships & Organizations


  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Texas Association of Builders
  • Home Builders Association of Corpus Christi
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce
  • Economic Development Corporation

FAQ'S - We are here to help!

1. How long does it take to get a home started?
It typically takes 4-5 weeks to start a home from contract; in this time, we must get all the engineering, permits and inspections complete and ready.

2. How long would it take to build us a home?
Construction time is typically 3 to 4 months, depending upon the size and complexity of the home.

3. Will my Braselton Home be well-built?
We build each home to the latest IBC national building codes, and we individually engineer each home to meet the Texas Windstorm Code.

4. We have a home to sell, will you build us a home with this as a contingency?
We can often start your new Braselton Home even if your existing home is not yet sold.

5. How much earnest money is required?
From 1-2% of the purchase price of the home, in most cases.

6. What does the warranty cover?
We provide the best warranty, including a written 10 year Structural Warranty (which covers major structural items), and a 1 year written Builder Warranty. Braselton Homes has a full warranty staff to assist our customers after the sale.

7. How do I know that my Braselton Home will be built to high quality standards?
We’ve been building in Corpus Christi for over 60 years … that says a lot.  Also, we have over 20 inspections and 50 checklists to help your quality.

8. My dad owns a flooring company ... can I get credit for flooring and let my dad do the flooring?
The Braselton warranty can cover only approved subcontractors and suppliers.

9. How many floor plans can we choose from?
Braselton has over 50 professionally designed floorplans; this gives great selection in each of our neighborhoods.

10. Is Braselton Homes a local company?
Yes, the Braselton's have been building in Corpus Christi since 1945 and Braselton Homes is a company founded in Corpus Christi (by life long Corpus Christians) over 36 years ago.

11. Do Braselton Homes customers receive a warranty?
Yes, Braselton Homes provides a 10 year written Structural Warranty and a 1 year written Builder Warranty.

12. Is my new Braselton Home built to Energy Star standards?
Yes, all BraseltonBuilt Eco-Homes are built, not only to meet, but also to exceed Energy Star standards; most Eco-Homes, built to Coastal Bend Green Built, BraseltonBuilt, and Green$aves standards produce a H.E.R.S. score of 79 or better, significantly outscoring Energy Star Homes that come in at 85.

13. Can I pick my decorator selections?
Yes, Braselton Homes customers can work with our award-winning interior decorators to select their home decor selections such as paint, carpet, tile, countertops, etc., or customers can choose from pre-selected decorator palletes, created specifically for Braselton Homes by our decorators.

14. Will Braselton Homes work with my Realtor?
All realtors are welcome to work with Braselton Homes. We have highly trained new home sales agents who can fully guide a customer through the home building process, however, we enjoy good relationships with Corpus Christi's realtors.

15. Do I have to have good credit to buy a Braselton Home?
Our sales agents can assist all customers, even those with less than perfect credit in purchasing a new home.

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© Braselton Homes 2009-2012. All Rights Reserved.
© Braselton Homes 2009-2012.
All Rights Reserved.